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Project Bit (Client Project)

Bit.Country enables everyone to start their own metaverse for their people with token economy and NFT, and takes community engagement to a new dimension on web3.0.

Technologies: Blockchain/Polkadot/Substrate/Token-Economy/Social/Web3/React/C#/Rust/3D World.

Customer base: Worldwide

Site: https://bit.country
Press: https://bitcountry.medium.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitDotCountry/

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Project TUX

Raised 1.7 mil ( 23 mil valuation)

Project TUX is an enterprise application suite for the management of education businesses.

Status: Shipped in 2015 & On Production

Transacting 60 million dollars of bookings and invoices annually.

Customer base: Australia | New Zealand | Canada | UK | Ireland | South Africa | Singapore

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Talent app connects job seekers and employers.

It also provides the functions for both candidates and employers to manage the recruitment process.

Our “B” customers are employer businesses as well as recruitment agencies who need to manage multiple employers’ portfolios.

Status: Beta released and on app store


Project Alpaca improves fleet operations, utilisation and driver safety with the state of the art software and hardware technology. The sophisticated technology we use provides the highest level of vehicle intelligence.

Status: Shipped and on Production (Transacting 3MB/sec telematic records)

AI-Touch Messaging

Project code name Ava is a solution to utilise artificial intelligence to interact with leads for repetitive questions. Ava reacts to lead’s feedback and responses to make the decision for the next touch point.

Ava works best for the services industry, education industry, consultants and online commerce.

Status: In active development

Project Billion

Project Billion is a platform that connects apprentices (learners), masters (trainers) and investors. The code name “Billion” indicates that in the near future, for every six people, there will be one who will want to learn how to code as a software developer or test analyst with automation skills.

Project Billion App allows users to engage with the learning materials more effectively, users can answer questions that are pushed to them, the user can check into locations or events that are required by the course. The user can reward or review our other users in the same group. Users can participate in Stackoverflow questions and answers alike.

Project Billion gamifies the learning process and the points gained through interactions on the app will contribute to their learning outcomes. For instance, some organizations can use the points for referring job opportunities.

Status: Shipped & On Production

Payment Solution & Aggregation

Integration of modern and across border payment solutions.

Credit card payment, auto debiting, integration of Alipay and Wechat pay and integration of crypto payment functions.

Status: In development


Project code name Keys (property.community) serves as a cloud-based property management platform. It solves problems of having multiple sites for the owners, property managers, tenants and service providers by having one site where each individual has their own login.

Property owners can use the site to manage their portfolios and manage their return on investment. Project Keys has also built-in tools and functionality to help property investors to be more in control of their investment.

Status: Market Validation

The Modern Education Protocol

Thunder is a decentralized education ecosystem completely driven by the Industry and is being built on top of blockchain technology.

The team is determined to reform education for the modern world in token-economy.

Status: Whitepaper Completed.

The SkillSwap

An online social platform for skills. Users can list their skills on the site and while guest users can search for the skills they are looking for, skill seekers can buy the skills or negotiate to learn the skills by exchanging their own skills. If a deal is made, the users can use the platform to manage their expectations and the outcome.

In the back end, the platform also provides the tools set to manage the appointments as well as a smart rating and feedback mechanism to give new users insights.

Key features

  • Profile management
  • Skill listing and searching
  • Appointment management & calendar automation
  • Credit system
  • Skill promotion
  • Review features
  • Identity server integration
  • APIs

Status: Launched as a white-labeled solution.

Moments Creator

Story Creation, Capture and Sharing Moments.

Status: Developed & Testing


White Labeling solution to enable branding requirement for small businesses to integrate with management system.

Status: Developed v.1, not shipped yet, development is to be resumed.

Alex Swift

Code name: Cobra is a cloud-based emergency contact service. It makes emergency contacts available for urgent situations.

When a person needs to fill in emergency contacts in any form, they can add the alexswift international number and add Alex Swift as the emergency contact. When an emergency situation arises the system allows the call centre to have access to the actual person’s emergency contacts and the ability to advise the contact of the situation. There is also an app being developed allowing the person to set an automated emergency trigger, eg. the user sets up a geofence (geographical fenced boundary) within a certain zone and sets a date and time that they will be expected to exit the area.  If they have not exited the zone within the time-frame as indicated, the system will send an automated email to the relevant parties for rescue.

Alex Swift enables the users to be more in control of their emergency contacts throughout an emergency situation.

Status: MVP Completed. Pending for Market Validation

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